World famous fraudster visits South Africa

JOHANNESBURG – South Africa loses more than five-point-eight billion rand to cybercrime annually.

Statistics from the University of Johannesburg reveal that most of this crime takes place in Gauteng.

And that personal information is largely sourced from social networks.

Former U-S fraudster Frank Abagnale is in South Africa to help with the problem.

He’s the world’s most famous fraudster and confidence trickster. The film Catch Me If You Can tells his life story.

Now Frank Abagnale is in South Africa to talk to businesses and banks about cybercrime. He’s well qualified to do so.

40 years ago he cashed in more than two-point-five million dollars’ worth  of forged cheques. He posed as a pilot, a lawyer, a professor and a paediatrician – and got away with it.

After he was jailed, the FBI hired him in to help catch others like him, which he’s done for the past 35 years.

He warns about what you reveal on social media.

Credit experts say cybercrime is growing rapidly.

Experian says people need to protect their personal information and should not confirm details over the phone. Also, use your bank’s secure website and ensure all your electronic devices’ security software is up to date.

Source: enca

Author: MC World

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