You should always wear what you want

Carmen Williams believes you should let your clothes tell whatever story YOU want.

This, I believe with every fibre of my being (and clothing).

For ages, I went along with the notion that women of certain sizes should wear certain things. For example: If you were above a size 10, you should never wear skinny jeans. If you didn’t have a flat stomach, you should always keep it hidden. If your bum and thighs were big, you best do everything you can to downplay it.

But now I say, no more.

Because (excuse the terrible cliché) if you’ve got it, you should most certainly flaunt it.

Which is why I now dress for me. I express who I am. I do not dress for anyone else, or the way they think I should be.

I bought a crop top with my bestie, Laura, last year and at first, I was a bit sceptical of wearing it. But then I rocked it with my high-waisted skirt, and I felt so liberated that I’ve never looked back since.

I now own 4 different short-sleeved ones, and have just invested (yes, they’re an investment, okay?) in two more long-sleeved ones. And I. Cannot. Wait. To. Wear. Them. They’re fun. They’re cheeky. And the best bit? They’re not just meant for people with a flat stomach and skinny thighs.

One of my colleagues once approached me in the kitchen  at work told me that I was “brave” for wearing a crop top. At the time, I just smiled at her. But afterwards, I wish I had said to her “I’m not brave, I’m just living in my clothes.” Because that’s exactly what I’m doing. And it’s what everyone should do.

Live in your clothes, let them tell the story of who you are. Let them say that you’re cheeky and fun, or that you’re slightly awkward and you really love your cat. Maybe you want to say that you really love that your butt looks big in those jeans, or that florals are totally cute.

Maybe you want to say that just because you’re fat doesn’t mean you can’t #rockthecrop like these women, or that you can’t wear bright colours or horizontal stripes.

Or maybe you don’t care and you’re just happy in your oversized jerseys and tights.

So, remember, you should always wear what you want. Except Crocs. No one should sin against fashion like that.

What’s that one item in your wardrobe that you love to bits? The one thing that makes you feel sexy or fun or cool or awesome or daring the moment you put it on? Tell us and we’ll give you a Women24 t-shirt.

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Author: MC World

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